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Mohan is the Managing Director of InviroTech Group Companies and has been a familiar face in the IAQ industry for nearly 30 years. He has a wide experience in the field of humidity control, energy conservation and air purification. Having contributed to several Green Building Projects with his design expertise in these subjects, he has been the GoTo man for many problems of humidity control and air purification.


  • Do you have local distributor in Philippines?

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    I’m from GuocoLand and we manage Guoco Tower. Understand the UVC used for AHUs is of Spectra UVGI. We notice that there are gaps in the installation of UVGI, especially at the ends of the cooling coils where it is not fully covered by the UVGI. Appreciate your advice if this is 100% effective in keeping the cooling coil cleaned and germ-free?

  • Thank you for guide me about Coil Cleaning
    share more information with me . thank you

  • As long as the air conditioner is running, the refrigerant keeps up this continuous loop. Maintaining the proper level of refrigerant is vital or it won’t be able to absorb heat. It’s important to leave this service to trained service technicians as the evaporator coil needs special handling.

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